I’ve been asked about the chilling aspect…and reality…of the Locked-in Syndrom suffered by Jackee in my award-winning novel, TRAPPED. The fact is, I originally created the condition from my imagination when I first wrote TRAPPED, but then learned that it is, in fact, a real condition. It’s probable that, in the past, people in Locked-in Syndrom where diagonosed as being in a coma…vegative & brain-dead…when in fact they were very much mentally alert. Surely, some have been allowed to…or aided…to die, when they were aware of what was happening. How chilling is that?

I’ve since found that there are other works of fiction that have refered to the condition. Possibly the oldest example was the character, M. Noirtier de Villefort, in Alexandre Dumas‘s novel The Count of Monte Cristo, who apparently suffers from locked-in syndrome. He is described as a “corpse with living eyes.”

If you’re interested, here are some links to real people who have suffered the condition:

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