Amazon has become the giant of publishing, and even if your book is available elsewhere (book store, speciality shops, B & N Nook, etc.), Amazon rules the roost…but it seems almost impossible to get any real info there.

Like all eager new authors, I want to monitor sales for my new novel, TRAPPED. I set up an author’s page and an Affiliate Account, but when I check them out, Amazon says my sales are only 14% of what my publisher shows. I personally know of dozens of people who were eager to get my book…and claim they ordered it…but Amazon doesn’t show them. I was concerned at first that there was a glitch in their system, and orders may have fallen between the cracks, but apparently not, since my publisher, TAG Publishers, can monitor the REAL sales.

It’s almost impossible to find a way to contact them, but I finally dug up an e-mail and phone number. Got an e-mail response that they have no record of me as a vendor (maybe because TAG is the vendor, not me, individually), so I’m going to try the phone next week.

I’ll post my findings, and I’d love to hear from anyone with similar problems…or answers thereto.