Like all writers, I spend a lot of time editing and rewriting. One of my “missions” has been to create shorter paragraphs (seldom more than 5 pages), and short paragraphs (seldom more than 3 sentences). I admit I got the idea from reading other best-selling authors (James Patterson comes to mind) whom I admired.

I feel it intensifies the action and keeps things moving. I’ve received a lot of comments from people specifically about that style, all positive. It also makes it easier to put the novel down (something you should NEVER do with MY novels!) when something comes up. I’m interested in any reader’s comments aqbout this style.

Interestingly, I just finished Nelson Demille’s fine novel, “Wild Fire.” It’s a fasinating thriller, but his chapters are long, and I found it bothersome. I feel the book would have benefited from chopping those into smaller pieces.

Anyhow, TRAPPED is continuing to garner 5-Star reviews, and 2 doctors (both Nuero surgeons) complimented me on my accurate research on Locked-in Syndrome. It’s interesting that Jackee’s condition was something I just invented over 20 years ago, that turned out to be a real condition. Read my previous posts for more details