Today’s Virtual Book Tour stop is at:

It features a Guest Post by me and a feature of TRAPPED. Eventually, they’re supposed to do a review, too.

There was another interesting post by another “touring” author about critics, which I commented on. Withe 23 5-Star reveiws, the few 3-Stars I’ve received because someone got turned off by a few typos (can’t catch them all, no matter how many times one edits!) don’t really bother me. Another complained about “too much sex” (THAT should help sales, don’t you think?), so she missed the point of why it was there. Maybe that’s my fault, though. If someone doesn’t “get the point,” then the author may have failed to properly make it. Luckily, no one else has had that problem.

There are two Book Tour stops again tomorrow, with guest posts and features. I’ll send the links later.