My newly released 2nd novel, A 3rd TIME TO DIE (Kindle & print at: has garnered 5 quick 4 & 5-Star reviews. Like TRAPPED (my first) the common thread is “I couldn’t put it down.” Here’s one, by Diane O’Keefe on Amazon, that should make any author proud:

“Bearing in mind that I like paranormal romance novels, I was pretty convinced that I would like this novel, especially since I also like horse riding.
The big surprise was that I never expected it to be comparable to great writers of this genre such as Dean Koontz or Stephen King.
A Third Time to Die really delivered, providing an intriguing storyline and very believable characters. As I reached midway in the book, I was turning pages almost as fast as I could read to find out what would happen next. I enjoyed it immensely and am glad I tried it out. I look forward to more, and am delighted the author already has another book out. Time to download it to my Kindle!”

For those who like to hod a real book, Amazon is offering the paperback at a 20% d8iscount. I’m looking for more reviews, too.