My 3rd novel, “Death’s Angel,” the first of my new Detective Al Warner series, is going on Kindle Countdown, beginning at $0.99 on 12/12, running through 12/19.

I’ve also redesigned the covers of my first two novels, “Trapped” & “A 3rd Time to Die,” (each with 4.5-star ratings) in an effort to better “Brand” George A Bernstein. I have about 25 paperback copies of each, and I will send autographed copies of both for the total great price of $12.95, + S & H (cover prices totaling $28.90), with purchase of either a Kindle or print version of “Death’s Angel.” You can get all 3 books for as little as $13.94, if you buy in the first 40 hours of the Countdown. You can contact me, below, with proof of purchase.