My first 3 novels have all garnered mostly 5-Star & 4-Star reviews. I’ve now finished my 4th novel, BORN TO DIE, the 2nd of my Detective Al Warner series. I’ve entered this novel with a new Amazon endeavor: Kindle Scout. This is new a E-Publishing company. Amazon will promote all its approved entries on individual “campaigns,” where readers can see it, read excerpts, and, IMPORTANTLY, nominate it for publishing. Highly nominated novels can get published by Amazon on line, and get serious publicity. You can see my campaign at this link:

starting on Sept 10 and lasting for 30 days. The key is to get lots of nominations. There is no cost to you, and in fact, if BORN TO DIE is published by Amazon, I believe everyone who nominated it will get a free Kindle version of the complete novel, about a $5 value. FYI, you can download the Kindle App FREE to ANY tablet or computer. You don’t need a Kindle reader.

So PLEASE, click on the link (above), take a quick peek… or stop to read the entire preview… and then NOMINATE THE BOOK. This may be my best chance to get the broader recognition for my work that readers seem to feel I deserve.