A quick note that “A 3rd Time to Die” is currently being featured at the Choosy Bookworm Blog site (http://choosybookworm.com/product/a-3rd-time-to-die/) at a discounted price of $2.99 (usually $5.99). The promo will last for about 10 days, and the price is good where every e-books are bought. Please take a look, and at least “like” their blog. No money or considerations have transpired for this feature.

Hi all,

Just a heads up that I’m doing another Blog Talk Interview on “WebbWeaver Radio” on Friday, 4/18, at Noon (EDT). This one will be different, as I’ll do a reading from “A 3rd Time to Die” (http://www.amazon.com/dp/0989468100) after a brief interview. You can tune in at:


They are rated in top 15 for Book Review blogs in the world by Predators & Editors.

Feel free to post comments.

I’ve been Baaad, not posting for so long. Should have made time, despite being so busy.

An now, the news of the day. I’m being interviewd LIVE on “It Matters” radio show on Thursday @ 9:30 EST. We’ll be discussing my book, “Toothy Critters Love Flies,” and other things re: writing and publishing.

You can register for a listener acct. at:

Fill out “Section One” and the go to “Just want to listen, interact and follow show?

    Click here

to finish”Hope you all listen, and I’d love any feedback and/or comments.

My award winning novel, TRAPPED (over fifty 5 & 4-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads), will be on special discount, only $2.95, for Kindle from Dec. 12 through Dec. 22. Check the new cover and formatting. Most frequent comment is: “I couldn’t put it down..” It’s going to be featured on Great Book Deals, too.


Both TRAPPED and A 3rd TIME TO DIE are running on virtual Book Tours (VBTs) right now, and both are getting a lot of great reviews. Prices have been reduced, both Kindle and print, for both novels, so take a peak. You can read excerpts from the Amazon site. I hope if you’ve read either (or both) you not only leave reviews, but tell your friends and Internet network about them. That’s the way books become best sellers. here are the links:

Trapped http://amzn.to/P2xxaT
A 3rd Time to Die http://www.amazon.com/dp/0989468100

Just a heads up that my publisher has reduced the Kindle price of A 3rd TIME TO DIE by more than 20%, and Amazon is still offering the print edition at over 20% off list price too. It’s still getting only 5 & 4-Star reviews, which makes me feel pretty good.

We are beginning a book giveaway for A 3rd TIME TO DIE on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/65532-a-3rd-time-to-die) starting on Sept 19 through Oct 16, 2013. Ten signed print editions will be awarded to the luck winners, so check out this Paranormal Romantic suspense, which has already received many 5-star reviews on Amazon, and sign up and for a chance to get the novel free. One reviewer likened it to Dean Koontz and Stephen King, and everyone call it “a page-turner.” I hope all who read A 3rd TIME TO DIE will take a few moments to leave an honest review…and most importantly, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS: e-mail lists, Facebook & Twitter followers, and other blogs.

Good luck, and if you don’t win, it’s being offered at Amazon at discount in print, and also in Kindle.