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My 2nd Detective Al Warner novel, BORN TO DIE, is on a Kindle Countdown promo, starting at $0.99 on Nov. 29, and going up to $1.99 late on Nov. 30 (usually $4.99. The promotion ends on Dec. 3. Don’t miss a chance to get this 5-Star reviewed novel, where Al Warner, on medical leave after a shootout at the end of DEATH’S ANGEL, helps Casey, a beautiful nurse, investigate a suspicious rash of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths of 6-month-old boys. Casey’s obsession eventually puts her life in mortal danger, and only Warner can save her if he can find her in time. As usua, my readers are in for a surprise ending.

Become a Warner fan. Readers liken him to Patterson’s Alex Cross.

The 3rd Ai warner novel should be out by early Jan.


Only 3 days left to WIN A FREE KINDLE COPY of my new Detective Al Warner thriller, BORN TO DIE. Visit my campaign on Kindle Scout where can see it, read excerpts, and, IMPORTANTLY, nominate it for publishing. Highly nominated novels can get published by Amazon on line, and those who nominated it will receive a free Kindle copy. This is the link:

Look at the page and take the 30-seconds needed to nominate the novel, with a chance to receive a free Kindle copy, about a $5.00 value. Only 3 days left to vote and win.

My award-winning novel, TRAPPED, is now on Amazon at reduced prices: Print @ $10.19 (was $12.95), and Kindle @ $5.99 (was $7.99). Trapped has about 50 reviews, nearly 40 of which are 5-Star & 4-Star. Here’s a link to the Amazon page, where you can read an excerpt:

I hope those of you who read and love it will write more reviews, and tell all your e-mail and Facebook buddies. Here are several of the reviews:

“Trapped” is a wonderful, gripping thriller that grabs the reader’s attention from the first page and refuses to let go.”

“I thought it was very well written and look forward to another book from this author.”

“I was instantly captured by this book because of it’s simplicity yet very complex story. It has a very unique story that you’d totally don’t want to miss out. I was hanging till I get my answers, I was absorbed in every possible way. This book totally caught me off guard with it’s diverse plot and very unique voice. It’s hard to imagine a world like this and I commend the author for writing this book with utmost fluidity and uniqueness.”

“Wow! A woman trapped in a body with only her mind and eyes working. What a dull book that should have been but this author allows us to see the world around her with truly wide open eyes. Exciting, mysterious, intriguing and phenomenal. A must read!”

These are the last 2 days TRAPPED will be free on Kindle (through Sunday, Dec. 30). I really heartened by the response and the great reviews I’ve had. One reader wrote me that “…if your name were Patterson or DeMille, this would be an instant Best Seller.”

I just hope everyone who reads TRAPPED and loves it, will leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads, if possible…and contact all their friends.

I love to hear from you guys, so feel free to post comments or e-mail me at:

suspenseguy (at) aol (dot) Com

Thanks for your support.