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Today’s Virtual Book Tour stop is at:

It features a Guest Post by me and a feature of TRAPPED. Eventually, they’re supposed to do a review, too.

There was another interesting post by another “touring” author about critics, which I commented on. Withe 23 5-Star reveiws, the few 3-Stars I’ve received because someone got turned off by a few typos (can’t catch them all, no matter how many times one edits!) don’t really bother me. Another complained about “too much sex” (THAT should help sales, don’t you think?), so she missed the point of why it was there. Maybe that’s my fault, though. If someone doesn’t “get the point,” then the author may have failed to properly make it. Luckily, no one else has had that problem.

There are two Book Tour stops again tomorrow, with guest posts and features. I’ll send the links later.

Today’s stop on my Virtyual Book Tour is at “Creating Imaginations:

where the are doing a feature on TRAPPED. Tomorrow’s stop will be at “Brainy Reads:”

where they will post one (or more) of several Guest Posts I’ve written. They are also doing a review of TRAPPED, but may not have it finished yet. By the end of the “Tour,” these various bloggers will have posted at least 13 more reviews, both on their own sites, and at places like Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc. There may be more, too, because 8 of 10 dates are still open in March. Hopefully, some if not all of those will fill up soon.

My Author’s Page with Orangeberry, listing the entire schedule, is:

These are the last 2 days TRAPPED will be free on Kindle (through Sunday, Dec. 30). I really heartened by the response and the great reviews I’ve had. One reader wrote me that “…if your name were Patterson or DeMille, this would be an instant Best Seller.”

I just hope everyone who reads TRAPPED and loves it, will leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads, if possible…and contact all their friends.

I love to hear from you guys, so feel free to post comments or e-mail me at:

suspenseguy (at) aol (dot) Com

Thanks for your support.

Probably much like most authors, I thought I was pretty good. Unfortunately, we’re rarely a good judge of that…but out readers are!

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little awed by the terrific response Trapped has generated. All I’m hearing is how wionderful the book is, that they can’t put it down, and especially…that they LOVE the ending. One reader confessed she read the ending 3 times, she enjoyed it so much. Two nueroligists complimented me on the quality of my research into “Locked-in Syndrome.”

So far, only 5-Star reviews on Amazon, and several readers have bought multiple copies to give as gifts. I hope everyone who loves the book will leave a review at Amazon or Goodreads…or both…and then recommend Trapped to their friends and e-mail list. That’s how best-sellers are born!

Thanks again for all the wonderful support.

WOW! Thanks to everyone’s participation, the Best Seller Campaign was a huge success. On November 1, TRAPPED moved you fronm 295,000 to 89th for Suspense, and 91st for General Fiction. Very exciting.

The feedback I’m getting is also energizing. Comments like:

Barbara said, “I started reading TRAPPED last night, and next thing I knew, it was 2 hours past my bed time. Couldn’t put it down.”

Len wrote me, “I was surprised. I read mostly best selling authors, but someone recommended Trapped, and I found it is as well written and intriguing as any novel I’ve ever read.”

Gloria, ” I read it in 2 days, and loved the suspense, and especially the ending.”

Thanks again for all your support.